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Touted as Top Tier, Hotel Is Downgraded to Hilton Garden Inn

The Miller & Rhoads hotel and condo project will still include a Hilton-brand hotel, says Ron Silverman, senior vice president of HRI Properties, but it won't be full-service.

Originally planned as a full-service flagship Hilton, the old Miller & Rhoads will instead become a Hilton Garden Inn, a smaller, second-tier sub-brand, Silverman says.

He says it will be an urban hotel with more bells and whistles than a typical Garden Inn. Among the differences, he notes, is the in-house restaurant, the Great American Grill (where most entrees are under $10), which will be larger.

Silverman, who's worked on the project off and on for two years, says the plans really haven't changed much and the new schematic isn't "too different" from the mural painted on the western side of the old Miller & Rhoads.

In November, HRI was still promising a full-service "upscale" Hilton.

"I don't have a recollection of it ever being a full-service Hilton," Silverman says of his involvement in the project. The hotel, he notes, will also include about 25,000 square feet of retail shops on the ground floor, facing Broad Street.

"It bears no resemblance to a roadside Hilton Garden Inn," he insists. "It's apples and pumpkins." S

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