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Tourism Proposal: Move Museum

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Now — on the eve of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War — is the time to move the White House of the Confederacy to the vacant property between Tredegar and Second street (“Tredegar Will Become Regional Visitors' Center,” Street Talk, Jan. 6). There are companies that specialize in moving historic structures.

This location including parking would create a visitors' walking continuum from the White House via Tredegar to the proposed slave memorial in Shockoe Bottom. It would include the fantastic river view and the skyline of Richmond. It would embrace the human and economic extremes of the times. This would be a big-time tourist destination.

The White House could be situated so the impact on the Richmond Folk Festival and similar events would be minimized and could enhance the venue for a variety of festivals, re-enactments, etc. Its museum contents would complement Tredegar and the memorial and not be scattered to other sites. No other place in the United States can equal Richmond as a focal point of the Civil War. And above all, it is accessible.

Walt Pulliam Jr.


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