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Top Model Countdown



A production crew, models and judges filmed the final installment of "Virginia's Top Model" at Pink in Carytown Nov. 1.

The soon-to-air reality show, a local competition closely resembling "America's Next Top Model," is the brainchild of former international model and current model scout Kim Alley. Its purpose is to spotlight one deserving contestant and take his or her career to the next level -- face to face with agents in New York.

Judges pared more than 100 hopefuls to five finalists, including four women and a man. The contestants were all new to the modeling world, Alley says — only one had runway experience from prior pageant involvement.

The ever-fashionable Pink gave a mod feel to the fashion show. The atmosphere was full of nerves, excitement and hairspray while the hopefuls prepared for their final strut down the runway outfitted in '60s-inspired dresses and pigtails. Afterward, judges deliberated over who should win the coveted title for what seemed an eternity to the contestants, judging from their antsy movements and anxious expressions.

Alley — along with Q94's Melissa Chase and Style Weekly Editor Jason Roop —announced the winner at the end of the night. But the lucky model won't be revealed until January, when the finale airs on WRIC-TV8. The first episode of the show is scheduled to air Dec. 8 (check listings).

The winner will travel with Alley to New York City to meet with top agencies, including Elite, IMG and Ford.


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