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To earn money these days, students are doing everything from taking experimental drugs to taking it all off.

The things we do for cash

There are plenty of ways for students to earn money that do not involve the phrase, "Do you want fries with that?" Though the waiter/waitress or even barista is the standard occupation of most students, we found that the food serviceindustry by no means has the market cornered on student employment. In a booming economy, it seems students can pick and choose their method of moneymaking - by performing lap dances, chewing on cottonballs, selling plasma and even grooming llamas. Here, we meet some local students who share the less-than-conventional ways they earn their livings.

Taking It Off: Stripping professionally can cover a student's bare essentials and then some.

Testing, Testing: Medical research offers students the chance to sit in chairs, ponder relationships and chew cotton balls for the advancement of science ... and a little cash.

Blood Money: When all else fails, why not sell your plasma?

Call Me: A professional escort can make big bucks, but at what cost?

My Odd Jobs: One man's trip to hell — or at least the graveyard — and back in pursuit of extra cash.

You Earned It How?: We strolled around VCU recently asking students what was the most unusual way they ever earned money.

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