Time Capsule Opened 

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Virginia conservators opened a 36-pound copper box this afternoon that had been buried beneath the Robert E. Lee statue since 1887. They found coins, a Bible, mini-balls (Civil War-era bullets), newspapers, books, and other artifacts that were not badly water damaged.
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Conservators Sue Donovan and Kate Ridgway.
The copper time capsule.
A Robert E. Lee ribbon from the dedication of the Lee Monument.
Minutae of a Soldier Life.
Kate Ridgway.
Gretchen Guidess holds a Robert E. Lee ribbon that was tucked inside the book Minutae of Soldier Life.
Kate Ridgway inspects a paper from 1887 as Devon Henry looks on.
Kate Ridgway.
Minie Ball, civil war era ammunition.
A coin stuck on the back of a bible.
Kate Ridgway holds a Masonic compass made from a tree that grew over Stonewall Jackson's original grave, according to cultural archaeologist Dale Brumfield.
Kate Ridgway.
Kate Ridgway holds a copy of The Immigrants Friend.
Sue Donovan tries to pry loose the last artifact in the copper box.
The empty time capsule.
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Conservators Sue Donovan and Kate Ridgway.