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This Week’s Lincoln Sightings



Passing through Capitol Square last week, we couldn’t help but laugh. A bunch of Richmond extras in 19th-century garb and alarmingly large beards were smoking cigarettes, drinking bottled water and snapping pictures of each other with smartphones. Method acting: You’re doing it wrong.

Our visiting celebrities, on the other hand, have been acting much more normally.

James Spader spent Sunday morning at Belle Isle with his fiancee Leslie Stefanson and their daughter.

John Hawkes stopped into Plan 9 Music in Carytown Sunday and chatted about working with Tom Waits. Hawkes also hung out at Mulligan’s Sports Grille on Main Street on Saturday, Nov. 5, “quietly reading and drinking Tecate,” our tipster says. Stars: They’re just like us! Except we’ve never seen anyone reading at Mulligan’s.

Bistro Bobette, the chic French restaurant in Shockoe Slip, seems to be the place to see Hollywood in Richmond. Tommy Lee Jones dined there Saturday, Oct. 29, and enjoyed a bottle of 2001 Chateau Beauregard Pomerol. Halloween night, Sally Field showed up there with two friends. She was “delightful and truly classy,” our bistro watcher reports. Bruce McGill had dinner there a few weeks back.

Jones was also spotted at Acacia on Wednesday, Nov. 2. He kept to himself, our tipster says, and mostly just looked at his iPad.

Here’s an unusual one for you. Gavin Hood, director of Oscar-winning foreign language film “Tsotsi” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” was seen recently at the Hilton Garden Inn. Was he in town for the Lincoln film? Or is another big movie project coming to Richmond?

Hey, we can dream. Keep sending your sightings to And follow on Twitter @StarGawkingRVA.

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