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This Week’s Lincoln Sightings


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While filming began in earnest around Capitol Square last Thursday, Richmonders gathered to gawk at stars along with a herd of male extras in mutton chops and frock coats.

“I have a rather zoomed in picture of Mr. Spielberg, which of course could be your average grip with a white beard and a baseball cap, but I know in my heart of hearts it was him,” Stephanie Dunn writes. “I have indeed fallen victim to the celebrity buzz that has leaked into the brains of the once ever-so [quaint] patrons of this city. Or am I the only one?” Stephanie, you’re not alone:

• James Spader was spotted in Carytown Sunday, Oct. 30, coming out of Can Can with shopping bags from World of Mirth.

• Gloria Reuben — looking “simply stunning,” our tipster reports — seemed to enjoy a late breakfast Oct. 26 at Urban Farmhouse in Shockoe Slip while working on her iPad.

• And David Costabile dropped by the Shockoe Bottom ABC the afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 25, to pick up a bottle of Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon. Timothy Boberick says Costabile chatted with store staff about his roles on “Breaking Bad” and TV drama “Person of Interest.”

After two days of shooting in the Ninth Street Office Building across from the entrance to Capitol Square, the Lincoln film crew took over the century-old Empire Theatre downtown. It shot a scene in which young Tad Lincoln, while watching a children’s play, learns that his father has been assassinated.

Judi Crenshaw, publicist for Barksdale Theatre and Theatre IV, reports that workers installed tin stage lights, rows of red-velvet seats, a presidential box hung with bunting and a gleaming wooden stage floor.

Theater staffers were instructed to keep quiet and stay out of the lobby (which was problematic, as that’s where the restrooms are). Several staff members crammed into the box office and peered through the blinds to catch a glimpse of Steven Spielberg. The crew was so efficient that filming began immediately after Spielberg arrived, Crenshaw says: “That’s definitely different from the world of theater.”

We crossed paths with David Costabile and totally didn’t see him. Sigh. Want to spot a star this week? Hang out near the State Capitol, where grass has gone untouched lately for that unkempt look. Keep sharing your sightings at And follow on Twitter @StarGawkingRVA.


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