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This Virginia Brewery Wants Your Pumpkin-Spice Beer ... So It Can Pour It Down the Drain


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One Virginia brewery doesn’t want you to slip softly into that pumpkin spice night.

Norfolk’s Coelacanth Brewing Company (pronounced SEA-luh-kanth) is offering a “Pumpkin Beer Amnesty” program, promising coupons and cans of their own pumpkin-free beers as long as you surrender your pumpkin-flavored ones.

“We’re trying to make the world a pumpkin spice-free place for our children,” said Kevin Erskine, the brewery’s president and CEO. He’s not kidding (OK, kind of). Erskine said his brewery has made a point of not making any pumpkin-inspired beers, nor will it ever.

“I thought this year people would finally start to smarten up,” he said.



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