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Third Blood



Maybe it's proof that the "Rambo" franchise is still relevant to more people than just Sylvester Stallone (whose "First Blood" rerelease follows the recent latest sequel, "Rambo"), but British writer/director Garth Jennings brings us "Son of Rambow." A long way from Vietnam, it's a film about two English kids trying to avoid the guerrilla war of adolescence while remaking "First Blood."

It's a long way, too, from the abovementioned "thrilling mess" of John Rambo's bullet-riddled revenge picture. "Son of Rambow" pluckily offers, according to its MPAA rating, "some violence and reckless behavior." Gad! The alternate ending of the British film probably also featured some "willful tomfoolery," but we'll have to wait 25 years to see that one. Or any version of "Son of Rambow," for that matter, which may not come to Richmond theaters at all. But it seemed relevant to mention. -- Brandon Reynolds

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