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They Grow Up So Fast

WRIR 97.3 celebrates being old enough for preschool.


Why I remember when that adorable WRIR 97.3 was just a wee thing, toddling around with its cute little antenna. Now look, its broadcasting power has really grown up. And so many shows! Yes, Richmond Independent Radio is four years old, and so likeable even that big old Clear Channel can't bully her. (WRIR is a girl, right? Like a ship?) And to celebrate, the station picks its favorite spot, which is not Chuck E. Cheese's (but might be closer to Chuck-D-Cheese) — the Renaissance Conference Center, where on Friday, Feb. 6, at 7 p.m. WRIR's Fourth Birthday Bash will get live with performances by Bio Ritmo (pictured), Horsehead, Hot Lava and RPG, all of whom will not necessarily be wearing hats, but will have noisemakers. WRIR DJs, spoken word artists and slam poets will round out the festivities. Tickets are $10. Call 649-9737 or visit — Brandon Reynolds

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