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Theatre IV for brightening the scene.

A discrete playground smooch for the staff of Theatre IV. If TheatreVirginia was the Miss Havisham of local theater, swirling her musty skirts with a heavy sense of entitlement, Theatre IV is the bright-eyed soccer mom whose energy and good sense keep the theatrical neighborhood humming.

When funding for the arts dried up, this mom tightened her budget without grumbling. When the Barksdale faced oblivion, Theatre IV took over its management and made it better than new. It has quietly assisted fledgling theater companies and nurtured the best local talent. And when TheatreVirginia passed away after a lengthy illness, supermom worked to restore the local production of "The Laramie Project."

Sure, this mom might secretly long for a more Bohemian life from time to time. But theater isn't just about artistic expression. Before one can issue creative manifestos, the bills have to be paid, the kids picked up on time and the minivan's oil changed.

And Theatre IV's own well-scrubbed children are the envy of every other mother on the block. Bruce Miller and company consistently deliver the most professional productions of any local theater organization.

How does she do it all (and still keep that clear complexion)?

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