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The Years Have Not Been Kind

“The Widow's Blind Date” at the Firehouse.



Reunions with former high school classmates are typically pretty ripe with some kind of awkwardness. Whether it includes a few “remember when …” instances of banter, or the unfortunate fact that you'll be able to successfully summarize your entire postgraduate experiences in 60 seconds, take comfort in the fact that such time-honored get-togethers can never be as bad as the one that takes place in “The Widow's Blind Date.” Written by Israel Horovitz and directed by Bill Patton, this tense drama about two friends and sudden conflict from the arrival of an old schoolmate opens at the Firehouse Theatre on Thursday, Nov. 13, running through Dec. 6. Show times start at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, and some matinees. Tickets are $10-$25. 1609 W. Broad St. 595-4849.

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