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The Year in Eureka

A sampling of patents by Richmond inventors in 2013.



How many mornings have you woken up and wondered, "Why doesn't my coffee maker have wheels on it?" Dean C. Warner, an inventor for Hamilton Beach, has you covered. His rotating brewer is one of hundreds of innovations that came out of Richmond this year. Here, in the peculiar language of intellectual property lawyers, is a tiny sampling of the big, small and weird ideas that sprung from the metro area and were granted patents during 2013.

Chewable Pouch

Abstract: Provided is a disintegrable or non-disintegrable oral flavor delivery product. The product includes a disintegrable or non-disintegrable chewable pouch with a plurality of perforations. The pouch encloses a non-tobacco flavor product that can be in a gel, semi-liquid, and/or liquid form. A user chews, sucks, and/or manipulates the pouch to cause the enclosed flavor product to leach out of the perforations into the user's mouth.

Local inventors: Shalva Gedevanishvili of Richmond, Dennis Geib of Richmond, William R. Sweeney of Richmond, Cindy Hayes of Midlothian, Danielle R. Crawford of Chester. For Philip Morris USA Inc.


Double-sided Jigsaw Puzzle

Abstract: A double-sided transparent plastic tessellated jigsaw puzzle and a method of making the same are disclosed. … Images are subsurface printed on one side of each sheet and the sheets are laminated together with a pressure-sensitive adhesive with the images in confronting relation. The laminated sheet is laser cut to form a puzzle that has a plurality of tessellations. The tessellations or sets of tessellations are formed as identically shaped pieces that can be located in the puzzle in several different ways.

Inventor: Cardin Flora Salgado of Richmond.


Rotatable Coffee Maker

Abstract: A coffeemaker includes a bottom of a coffeemaker adapted to be placed onto and supported by a surface. Three or more wheel assemblies are mounted onto the bottom of the coffeemaker. The wheel assemblies rotate in substantially a straight line.

Inventor: Dean C. Warner of Glen Allen for Hamilton Beach Brands.


Do-It-Yourself Vaccines

Abstract: A medicament delivery device includes a housing, a medicament container disposed within the housing, an activation mechanism, a cover and an electronic circuit system. The activation mechanism includes an energy storage member configured to produce a force to deliver the dose of a medicament and/or vaccine.

Local Inventors: Eric S. Edwards of Midlothian, Evan T. Edwards of Gordonsville, and Mark J. Licata of Doswell for Intelliject Inc.

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