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The WomanKind Conference at St. Jame's Episcopal Church

Friday and Saturday, Feb. 12 and 13.


Throw out those uptight rules you learned about polite conversation, especially in church. Sex, money, politics and religion all are on the table at the WomanKind Conference: “Is Grace saving you? Or, are you saving Grace?” featuring keynote speaker and writing goddess Anne Lamott. Women of all creeds, religious backgrounds and sexual orientations are invited to join together to ponder life's toughest questions at this spiritual smorgasbord that doesn't turn up its nose at irreverence. “Grace cares little for skin tone or ZIP code,” Associate Rector Whitney Zimmerman says. “All that it asks — all that it requires — in order to take flight, is community.” Take a new kind of communion in workshops with a sex therapist, a rabbi and a state prison chaplain when WomanKind runs from Friday, Feb. 12, through Saturday, Feb. 13, at St. James's Episcopal Church.  Tickets for both days are $100. 1205 W. Franklin St. Information at 355-1779 or visit

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