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The Wicked Redhead Cafe; World Cup II?



Thirteen has often been thought of as an unlucky number by the superstitious.

For some, the number's downright wicked. For Sondra and Michael Grisafi, the 13th of February was a great day to open a cafe — a wicked one.

The Wicked Redhead Cafe has taken the place of Java Outpost on Cary Street, offering gourmet coffees, fresh sandwiches and baked goods. "Ordinary food done well" in a social atmosphere is the goal of the coffeehouse, Sondra says.

To accomplish this, she and Michael made a few changes. Remnants of the Java Outpost decor have disappeared. The Grisafis replaced the flashy colors with more neutral shades of cream and yellow because, Sondra says, customers requested it.

Early-rising customers will appreciate the hours of the coffeehouse: 7 a.m.-6 p.m., seven days a week. Those who want to grab a meal to go can place orders by calling 204-1755. But don't try to make reservations, because Sondra says it's really not a reservation kind of place. Future plans for the Wicked Redhead Cafe include specialty baked goods and rotating art exhibits. Check out the wicked place at 2928 W. Cary St.

Noticed that World Cup II is closed? Owner Jay Rupkey says he's sick about having to close his franchise's second location, but he had to do it. Rupkey recently bought his former business partner out and was financially compelled to give World Cup II the axe.

World Cup at the Robinson Street coffeehouse is still going strong, Rupkey says, and the small University of Richmond location isn't budging either.