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The Valentine's Date Who Really Listens


"I decided to do this for animals in February," she says, "because most studios want to do something for couples."

Lakeside resident Tinky Keen will teach dog massage therapy Feb. 12 in a hands-on-dog class. This is more than mere stroking; it promotes circulation and can improve joint health, Campbell says. The next Sunday, Feb. 19, Terri Chenault will hold a session in animal communication. Chenault is a pet psychic, Campbell says, but "she doesn't like to go by that term, because it sounds kind of kooky."

Participants can bring their pets or photos of pets to better understand their behavior or even get help finding lost animals.

And Lodi Kysor will teach animal acupuncture Feb. 26, along with holistic medicine and nutrition. But don't go home and stick pins in your poodle. This is not something to try at home, Campbell warns, but rather an introduction to the practice.

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