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The Two Amigos: Which Martin Said It?


Martin Short strips to a nude suit, flopping his hand in profile for anatomically comedic effect, singing a number from a supposed forgotten Broadway musical about the stepbrother of Jesus — and on the night before the holy holiday of Easter.

Surely, it was enough to blow some of the gray off the hairs of a few audience members at the season finale of the Richmond Forum on Saturday.

The antics, quips and back-and-forth banter between Short and his "Three Amigos" buddy, philosopher, banjo player, author, comedian and what have you, Steve Martin, brought forth guffaws and at times, gasps, in the Altria Theater.

In a night of one-liners, can you guess who said what?

1. "He actually got a sunburn from a Kindle reader."

2. "I gotta get a bucket."

3. "How long have you been famous, six or seven years now?"

4. "My first love will always be theater. And then movies, and then television. And then my family."

5. "Now I think irony is the bane of our society."

6. "He looks so damn boyish in person I thought he was Rachel Maddow."

7. "I think of my banjos as my children. I love them all, but one's an idiot."

8. "In my house comedy was a normal thing. So was drinking."

9. "If you didn't enjoy our show tonight, you're wrong."

The new season of the Richmond Forum starts Nov. 22 with endurance swimmer Diana Nyad.


Answers: 1. Martin Short, on Steve Martin's paleness. 2. Martin, answering the question, "What three things are still on your bucket list?" 3. Short to Martin. 4. Short. 5. Martin. 6. Short on Mayor Dwight Jones. 7. Martin, while playing with the Steep Canyon Rangers. 8. Short. 9. Martin.

Editor's note: This story has been corrected from the print version to reflect the correct character Martin Short portrayed in his onstage musical spoof.

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