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The Theme's the Thing


I could only think, “Here we go again” when I read “Not So Easy: City Seeks New Slogan” (Street Talk, Feb. 9). I am hopeful that the Brandcenter can help Venture Richmond come up with a theme, rather than another generic tag line but I am not optimistic.

In 1991 I was on a “theme subcommittee” of Richmond Tomorrow, another one of those “feel-good think tanks” that are equipped to rubber-stump the dull ideas of the power elite.

Yet our little group was a diverse slice of Richmond, dedicated to our mission. Something about us clicked and the idea came on us like a light from above. What is unique about Richmond and ties us all together, from our parks, through our boulevards, to our museums and our history? What makes the reason we are here, the James, more than an ignored viaduct of waste and stagnation? What, if embraced, could seed, grow, nourish and cultivate commerce and education?  What are we and what concept symbolizes our unique place in our nation? “Richmond: America's Urban Garden.”

The idea was lost on the striped ties and dark suits who ran the committee. If only we could establish that we are not generic, we are special.

Isaac Moses Regelson


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