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The Standard-Bearers

A salute must be given to the long-timers who've stuck it out in Richmond for decades: Jerry Cable and The Tobacco Company; Tom Leppert at Sam Miller's; Ron Joseph and Grayson Collins at Strawberry Street Café; Chef Ma-Musu, a teacher and standard-bearer of authentic African cuisine; Sally Bell's Kitchen for memorably old-school Southern boxed lunches. Credit also goes to family-run stalwarts such as the Kafariteris family at Joe's Inn; the Loupassis at Robin Inn; the Garcias of the Mexico chain; the Rostovs for fresh-roasted coffee; Dick Du for Peking's consistently popular Chinese, now augmenting the dynasty with son David Du's Asian fusion at Dd33 Bistro; and the Woolfolks for three decades of Mechanicsville seafood at their eponymous restaurant. These and many others have shared a robust work ethic and a desire to please an ever-changing Richmond diner year after year. The city is richer for their service.

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