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The Sleepwalkers at the Broadberry

Friday, Dec. 26


Like the Black Girls, new Richmond group the Sleepwalkers plays a brand of pop rock that isn’t age-specific. Their appeal is in the universality of sugary melodies that cross divides. Elements of classic, alternative and modern rock blend effortlessly in their anger-free offerings, while the group’s most distinctive attribute is swirling vocal harmonies rooted in late-’60s British psychedelia. Songs such as “Prey and Pressure” and “Hurricane” from the debut 2014 full-length release, “Greenwood Shade,” have a prominent “Village Green Preservation Society”-feel to them filtered through a prism of late-period Beatles, Emitt Rhodes and the Pretty Things. The influences predate their existence but the band manages to sound nostalgia-free while playing with an effortless ease. The Sleepwalkers play Friday, Dec. 26, at the Broadberry. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $7.

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