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The series finale of "Beverly Hills 90210" on Fox TV

Bye-Bye "Beverly Hills"


The season finale is the series finale for "Beverly Hills 90210."

But those who are still fans of the long-running Fox TV series — and even those who used to be — will probably get a kick out of a special hour airing Wednesday, May 10, at 8 p.m. The cast members of the network's longest running drama will share memories, anecdotes and memorable scenes from the last 10 years in a special farewell. Many of the popular stars from the original cast will return to contribute their thoughts, including the then-teen hunk Jason Priestley.

Then, on the following Wednesday, May 17, the cast says good-bye in a two-hour season finale starting at 8 p.m. In many ways, especially early on, "90210" was to the 1990s what "Family" was to the 1970s, a warm, sensitive, often funny look at contemporary teen and young-adult life. It was fairly realistic — if you believe realism is a family income that tops $200K a year and you live in a really nice neighborhood in Los Angeles. Leaving aside the lifestyle, though, "90210" was about values, and the messages it sent to its teen audience were good, basic ones. Although the series has run out of ideas and messages, there are many who will miss

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