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The Search for Truth

One Saturday night in Richmond, we drive 100 miles to 13 bars seeking your pearls of wisdom.

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9:49 p.m.
Galley Restaurant
2805 Hathaway Road

Bill Peterson, 59

Drinking: Devil's Backbone Vienna Lager

Why here: I live in the neighborhood, and went to a Richmond Squirrels game tonight. And once the game ended, I got out before the fireworks to beat the crowd — and came here. My wife loves the place. We come to dinner here probably once every two weeks.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar? It's always: Be kind to the staff. If you're nice to the staff and build the relationship, that pays off 10 times. Everything's about relationships. And just be nice.


Bailey's Pub & Grille, Southside
11581 Robious Road

Jamal Hannah, 29

Drinking: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

Why here: I have friends here. All the bartenders, I know them very well. I've been coming here for quite a long time — I actually worked here for a little while as well. There is a [UFC] fight going on. Tonight is Saturday, so I know usually it gets a nice little crowd in here. So we come in here to have a good time.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar? You cannot judge anybody by the way you see them when you first see them. If you're quick to judge, then you will not know anything about anyone.


The Flyin' Pig
13560 Waterford Place, Midlothian

Sandra Doll, "30ish"

Drinking: "This super-big jar of Miller Lite."

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar: Everyone lies in a bar.


Keagan's Irish Pub and Restaurant
2251 Old Brick Road, Henrico

Ethan Karpowich, 40 (with Stephanie Gregory)

Drinking: Absolut and soda.

Why here: We were just looking to get outside and have some fun, chitchat. We were close to her house, so it was close, it was easy to get here, we thought we'd have an outside venue to hang out and relax.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar: When you're out with your girl, make sure you know that she's yours.



@oh_hey_tori: Don't drink two Long Island ice teas on an empty stomach.


4032-A Cox Road, Glen Allen

Jessica Kulp, 29

Drinking: Coors Light.

Why here: Because Beach House was dead, if you want the truth. I was bored at home — that's what brought me out.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar? Don't believe everything you hear. That is really the truth, I'm serious.



@wcveworldmusic: To just be quiet and observe ... safer that way.


Rare Olde Times
10602 Patterson Ave., Henrico

Scott Mitchell, 40

Drinking: Harp.

Why here: Father's Day celebration — my dad, her mom and dad, friends. We like the atmosphere. It's laid back, come in get a cold beer, good entertainment.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar? Don't drink and drive.


11:33 p.m.

@MalibuRVA: Nothing good happens after midnight.

11:47 p.m.

@cstanderfer: I think plenty of good things can happen after midnight, if you play your cards right.


7007 Three Chopt Road

Donita Trent, 27

Drinking: Dead Guy Ale.

Why here: This is the spot where I go to hang out with my friends, and to relax and just get a weekly breather.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar? When you want to get a breather from life, go to a bar — not to get buck wild, but just to take you a breather from reality, and step away, and relax.


12:01 a.m.

@wild4harry: Don't get drunk. You get to remember all the foolish things everyone else does! Oh, and then remind them about it later!


12:20 a.m.
Nu Nightclub
2729 W. Broad St.

Joseph Bailey, 26

Drinking: Bourbon and Diet Coke.

Why here: Just came out with friends. They play great music, so it's always a fun atmosphere. I just enjoy dancing and this is a great place for it.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar? Life's about having fun. You can't be too serious all the time, so it's nice to be able to go to a bar, let loose, have that relaxation, that time away from your hectic life. You gotta have fun in life.


12:22 a.m.

@AaronBPierce: Never follow a hippie to a second location.


Off the Hookah
140 Virginia St.

Jessica Fagundes, 22

Drinking: Red Bull and vodka.

Why here: Because I love being here. It has a really nice smoking area, I love the music and everything about here. It's really nice. I feel safe around here.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar? Always go to a bar with your close friends. Don't ever go to a bar by yourself.


12:52 a.m.

@stevemckennad: Actually, I'm sure I can't remember.


Cha Cha's Cantina
1419 E. Cary St.

Luis Albalat, 22

Drinking: Crown and Coke.

Why here: I am here to drink, celebrate life with friends. This guy right here [motions to friend] — and this guy, of course [motions to another friend]. And the music. That's my tattoo artist right there. And to have a good night.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar? Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.


117 N. 18th St.

Regan Lodge, 28

Drinking: Strongbow Hard Cider.

Why here: [Bike motor revs nearby] That's one reason — I love seeing the biker dudes around, they're always cool to hang out with. I'm a member at Fallout, been a member for about a year and a half now. I just got back from Afghanistan [as a combat photographer in the Marines], and I'm just trying to hang out with familiar territory and all that stuff, familiar people. Tonight they're having what's called Mist Night — you can see they've got these mist sprayers out here. Every weekend they have a pretty wild theme going on.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar? Tip generously. A little generosity — not indiscriminately, but with people you are familiar with and care to be familiar with — it goes a long ways.


Vision Ultra Lounge
1718 E. Main St.

Tiffany Smith, 27

Drinking: Incredible Hulk: Hennessy and Hpnotiq.

Why here: To support my man right here [motions behind her], Top Hat Entertainment. It's my first time here.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar? Beautiful things. Have a good time.


The Forest
5057 Forest Hill Ave.

Tameka Vaughan, 34

Drinking: Jose Cuervo Gold with a lime.

Why here: I always come to the Forest. It's a neighborhood bar, so I come all the time. I'm comfortable. I feel at home here.

Greatest life lesson learned from a bar? Don't get too drunk. I need to be alert at all times. Jose, this is my second husband — he's never let me down. So this is all I drink.


June 16, 11:30 a.m.

@MzInvestigator: Not to drink the free drink the bartender gives you for your birthday.

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