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It's pandemonium (at least more than usual) at the Great Big Flea Market, where police swarm as part of an investigation of counterfeit merchandise. Among the items seized: anatomically correct Mickey Mouse plush dolls; "iPud Macro" - plays 16 songs, all Tibetan funeral chants; locks of Tupac's hair; Nikes sold in sizes D™ to ™…z; and the "X-box 260" and "Mintendo Wii."

While SUV sales hit a nationwide slump, McGeorge Toyota moves in, announcing a promotion with Channel 12 and Cox radio stations to give away a Prius. Not to be outdone, we at Style are offering free piggy-back rides on our Arts Editor.

Speaking of radio promotions, controversial jock Don Imus gets his show back on the air in Richmond on WLEE 990-AM. Can anyone really shock Richmond anymore?

CNN and Money magazine rank Midlothian 99th on the Best Places to Live list, which measures localities conducive to raising a family and building "a rich life." Richmond ranks a distant 512th, conducive only to sitting in a river to avoid heatstroke and getting "weeping drunk."

The T-D reports that Mayor Wilder is going to crack down on computer overuse at the city's print shop, where one employee visited an average of 4,700 Web sites from December to April - 600 of which were labeled as dating or pornographic. See, those Xeroxed butts look pretty harmless now, don't they?

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