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The Score

Where's everyone going? Wachovia Securities is merging with A.G. Edwards & Sons and moving its headquarters to St. Louis, and Circuit City is making more layoffs — at least 200 people here. Time to give out those free toasters to new corporations again.

We learn the winner of the $44 million Mega Millions jackpot bought the ticket at a gas station across from Short Pump Town Center. So at least someone will be able to afford to shop there — $21.95 for a cupcake carrier?! Shame on you, Crate & Barrel!

Former Sen. George Allen forms a new political action committee to help Republican candidates who support "common sense Jeffersonian conservative principles." It's the PACaca — he just made that up.

Ironically, some critics note, organizers of the $65 million Richmond CenterStage groundbreaking party use the nonprofit, grassroots-driven success of First Fridays to seem, well, successful. Why concoct good ideas when you can just encroach on them?

Speaking of the new arts center board of directors, its 15 new members are key leaders in the tobacco, chemical and financial industries — with one director from the arts field. He'll be sculpting the center's statue: a petroleum tumor sprouting money.

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