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The Reel Divas Film Festival at the Byrd Theatre and Gay Community Center

Jan. 14-15


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“Miss Representation”
  • “Miss Representation”
The hardships and triumphs of young girls become the focus of the weekend with the Reel Divas Film Festival, which features three films focusing on social change, culture and empowerment of women. The festival begins with “Dear Daddy,” a documentary that follows eight young women as they deal with poverty, poor education and the absence of their fathers. The second day will see a screening of “Miss Representation,” a movie that examines how the media affects cultural perceptions of women and features stories from teenage girls as well as interviews with Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric and Rachel Maddow, among many others. This is followed by “The Hooping Life,” which tells the story of eight performers, activists and teachers as they turn hula-hooping into a dance phenomenon. Proceeds from the festival will benefit Camp Diva, an organization that provides spiritual and intellectual opportunities for teenage girls. The Reel Divas Film Festival is Jan. 14 at the Byrd Theatre and Jan. 15 at the Gay Community Center of Richmond. $10-$40.


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