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What's so terrifying about today's world? Comedian John Oliver says it might have something to do with our 43rd president, our worsening economy, or … the inflatable BBQ? From foreign policy and Fox News anchors to evolution and sports culture, Oliver dishes out some of the best political and social commentary, enough to bring a tear to the proud eye of Jon Stewart himself - Oliver currently serves as writer and correspondent to "The Daily Show" as well. His new stand-up television series, "John Oliver: Terrifying Times," debuts this Sunday, April 20 at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

At 30 years of age and a graduate from the University of Cambridge, this British comedian has a royally hilarious, but light-hearted, joke or two about America. He begins by saying, "It's not so easy being British. It's impossible for me to go into any museum in any nation on the planet earth and without in five minutes feeling guilty." He continues to say that we, Americans, have no idea what this is like, but we will soon enough. "You've taken the baton of imperialism from us and are running with it quite aggressively," he says.

Oliver also declares, tongue-in-cheek of course, that America has the greatest economy on earth. He quips, "I have been to your malls. They are cathedrals to bullshit." He says he once stumbled across an inflatable BBQ for sale, allowing you to swim while you cook -- "Is there any greater example of what it means to live in the freest nation on earth than that?? I don't think so," says Oliver. He adds that the economy has gotten so bad that there's only one question on Harvard's final exam this year: "Kenya has 3 apples. America wants those apples. How many apples does Kenya have?"

He even has a plateful of comedic jabs pitted against today's news. "Is there anything more depressing?" he questions. In describing his numbed state of severe desensitization, he says only one thing can bring him to tears these days, and "it's not human suffering, it's not polar bears standing on tiny pieces of ice … but it's the slow-motion sequences of sporting triumph and failure set to rock ballads from the '80s." As he then re-enacts a middle-aged divorcee bowling against himself to the tune of Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now."

So if you continually choose "The Daily Show" over "American Idol" or just enjoy a fresh breath of comedy at the expense of today's politics, then John Oliver's "Terrifying Times" is a must. He makes the terrifyingly true, terribly funny.


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