The Physician Within: Health Matters! Why?

When: Wed., Oct. 10, 6 p.m. 2018

“I feel good,” you say. So what? Is that all there is to life? Life is a gift. We didn’t earn it, didn’t expect it, maybe didn’t deserve it. It’s a gift. We have no idea how long it will last. So, life is finite…beyond our understanding. Then how shall we spend it? How shall we invest it? Is there a difference? The same questions aren’t so strange if we consider our financial assets. And life is an asset. Our health is a requisite for how we spend or invest our lives. Without health, we cannot function in life. Health is the engine for our function. Worse health—bones, heart, liver, mind, teeth, whatever—limits our engines and our function. The better our health in every respect, the greater is our potential in life. We always have choices. It’s the blessing of “free will.” So, when you have a choice about health, make a good one. Then make an appointment to see The Physician Within on October 10 for a checkup.

Price: Free.