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Another Richmonder came on down — and returned with a new set of wheels.

When Kathy White read Aleta Gwinn's story of winning big on "The Price Is Right" in Style two weeks ago, it was with a touch of déjà vu — more than a touch, actually. White had her own brush with Bob Barker in October and won a new car.

"I was out there for my sister's wedding, and when I'm in California, we always try to do something touristy," White recounts. "So I said, 'Well, let's go on a talk show.'"

Although White's still disappointed that "The Tyra Banks Show" was sold out, she can't complain about the seats open at Barker's show: "My sister needed some wedding gifts, so we went."

White called Style from Patrick Chevrolet last Thursday to tell us about her win — namely, the Chevrolet Cobalt.

"To be totally honest with you, I'm trading [the car] in," White told us as she waited to sign over the title. "Hopefully for a Kia Spectra."

White says she loves the Cobalt, but can't drive a stick. "If it was automatic," she says, "I'd be driving the wheels off it right now."

Incidentally, White's sister, the bride, walked away from the show with nothing. But White says she has a great gift idea for the anniversary: "Maybe a picture of me in front of the car."

White's big win is scheduled to air April 9 on CBS. An earlier scheduled air date for the show was pre-empted by former President Gerald Ford's funeral. S

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