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The Moonbees’ Record Release at Bogart’s in the Fan

Saturday, Nov. 16. 9 p.m.


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If music is to evolve in the new millennium, the instrumentation must change. Here’s why: Granddad had a band with bass, drums and electric guitars and it was better than yours. It’s time for musicians of this era to step up to the cultural plate and make music that’s truly their own. Stepping off my soapbox, there are new traditionalists out there who can make the old sound new again. One of those rare groups is the Moonbees. On its new release, “Money Grows on Trees,” the Richmond quartet’s streamlined psychedelia is free of gratuitous excess, allowing the space between the notes to carry as much weight as the ones that are played. Songs such as the opening pop-tinged, “Nebraska” and rolling, midtempo funk rock of “Cigarettes Dipped in Poison Ivy” inveigle the ear without pleading to be heard in a masterful display of melodious aphorism. The Moonbees celebrate the release of their new album on Saturday, Nov. 16, at Bogart’s in the Fan with Haints in the Holler and Glass Twin. Doors open at 9 p.m. $5.


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