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The Many Faces of Grilled Cheese



On every sizzling day of the summer, there's a blight on the backside of pool-time frolicking: dinner. With creeping dread as the afternoon wanes, parents and other primary caregivers are forced to confront the fact that it's too hot to cook, and no one will eat pizza three nights in a row. Even if they can have a Popsicle and a bowl of ice cream afterward.

Here's when the single most useless Christmas gift transforms itself into the best thing for a kitchen since sliced bread: panini makers. They take up a lot of valuable cabinet space, but once you drag them out and plug them in, you can take that sliced bread and in minutes make a meal that won't heat up the house.

Here's a list of 20 versions of the grilled cheese sandwich, ranging from the classic and kid-friendly to the sophisticated and urbane. There are even a few you can have for breakfast. Check out for the sandwich recipes.

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