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The Lowdown on Sundown in Richmond

Summer Nights

Summer is the simplest season, and the joys of summer seem to reach their zenith at night. Dusk brings relief from the heat of the day along with some of the quiet pleasures of the season: cool grass on hot bare feet, the greenish yellow glow of fireflies, the satisfying thwack of a softball solidly hit beneath the ball field lights. This year, we want to help make your summer the best and simplest yet. And since the modest moments of summer aren't enough to get you through the summer, we've gathered hundreds of ideas, along with dates, times and places, for different ways to spend your summer nights. So go ahead, stay out late. It's summer.

Summer Nights - The best spots Richmond has to offer for watching the sun dip below the horizon

I Love the Nightlife

I've Got to Boogie - The dance floor is the only place Richmonders don't seem to mind sweating.

Cruise the Canal - Enjoy Richmond's beautiful Canal Walk

Eating Out - A guide to al fresco dining

Summer Showcase - Dogwood Dell offers everything from jazz to brass to pop to fireworks all summer long.

The Swing's the Thing - When your feet have to move, try one of Richmond's many organized dances.

Sports Night

Fields of Midsummer Night Dreams - Why baseball remains the one, true and most Holy Grail of summer team sports.

Back on Track - It's a whole summer of hot racing action at local speedways.

The Summer Bowl - The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of summer bowling

Ice, Ice Baby - Cool off at the ice skating rink.

Duffer's Delight - Why waste part of your weekend? Swinging the clubs at night in Richmond is just as cool — and cheaper.

A Truly Perfect Place - All summer long, the bass, catfish and herring are jumping in the James.

Night Crawlers

Good Times, Bad Bands - If you look hard enough, you can still find traces of former glory on Grace Street.

Hitting the Books - Evenings at the Richmond Public Library

Hugging Your Inner Diva - Karaoke may just be the last frontier of un-self-conscious fun.

Nocturnal Shoppers - Who shops at a Wal-Mart after midnight? You, that's who.

Screen Savers

The Heat Is On - A critic's guide to the season's hottest movies

Screen Savers - Summer Rentals

Summer Calendar

Summer Concert Guide - Looking for some cool sounds to take the edge off the simmering sting of summer? Click on. Your ears will thank you.

Calendar of Events

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