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"The House of Yes" at Firehouse Theatre



"The House of Yes" director Jonathan Wright used to think of theater in pure, uncomplicated terms. At its core, he says, "[Theater] is about a group of people getting together and trying to express themselves. It's about getting these people together and communicating ideas to a greater audience." A lovely concept, to be sure. But the real work of mounting a production is not so simple — a lesson Wright learned well after not only directing "The House of Yes," but also helping to design and build the set, run lights and co-coordinate publicity. "In the real world of getting a show up," he says now, "you need as many lights as possible, people to put them up, a house manager, people doing programs … all this stuff that I always realized was a part of the bigger picture, but I never realized quite the undertaking that it was."

Wright aims to be a Renaissance man when it comes to theater. "I want to know how to do everything," he says, "be house manager, director, lighting technician, soundboard manager … I don't think you can really be good at anything in theater without knowing the big picture of what goes on." He adds, "I'm honestly kind of a difficult person to get along with, so I've found it best to be as self-sufficient as possible."

Still, Wright says his first experience directing a full-scale production taught him that more help would be a good thing. "One of the biggest things I learned from the experience is that I needed more support. I didn't realize quite how much work it was going to

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