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The Holiday Almanac

Is your holiday goblet half-empty or half-full? Either way, we have you covered.



How to feel. How to feel. …

Do you look forward into the bright light of the coming year with hope, even giddiness? Have you tattooed “Change” on your arm so you won't forget? Or have the collapsing stock market, the housing mess and this lingering war thing sealed you into a barrel of funk and rolled you off the Niagara Falls of despair?

Either way, the holidays tend to amplify these feelings with the noise of arriving visitors, the bright lights of sale items and the smell of cinnamon.
It's easy to be of two minds about this season — the Optimist, whose mug of eggnog is always half-full, and the Pessimist, whose snow globe is missing half its snow. There's a little of both in all of us, isn't there?

But fear not. We have provided for all moods and mental permutations. We have devised a guide for both the Optimist and the Pessimist, organized along the themes that will give you the greatest joy or the most severe grief, depending on how you look at the world: the Giving Spirit, Children, Togetherness, Cooking and Spectacle.

Whether you're excited about plugging in the Christmas lights or considering sticking a fork in the socket, here are the events, movies and concerts you need, neatly arranged to keep you from pitching from your happy peak or from upsetting your well-maintained melancholy.
One holiday season, two points of view. Hey, we're all in this together. Or completely alone.

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