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The Heart Still Beats

Twenty-four hours with Edgar Allan Poe.


While Edgar Allan Poe rarely lived in one place long enough to anchor his legacy to the streets of one particular city, that hasn't stopped Richmond's Poe Museum from giving Tim Burton's inspirational doppelganger a birthday celebration worthy of his dark romanticism. In honor of the writer's bicentennial, the local museum hosts Poe's 24-Hour Birthday, a day-long event starting Jan. 19 at midnight. It includes poetry readings, tours of the Old Stone House during the dead of night, and a candlelight vigil at Poe's nearby shrine. With exhibits featuring a huge collection of Poe's manuscripts, letters, first editions, memorabilia and personal belongings, bring an ironically sunny disposition and $5-$6 to 1914 E. Main St. 648-5523. — Mike Hilleary

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