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The Happy Lucky New Years Show at Rare Olde Times

Wednesday, Dec. 31


Barry Bless is Richmond’s crown prince of zany entertainment. For decades, the accordionist has gone out of his merry way to bring joy to others. He and his loony band of co-conspirators ring in the new year at Rare Olde Times on Wednesday, Dec. 31, with a madcap show of song, dance and amusements. Without a doubt, Barry will oversee the vaudevillian spectacle with his signature wit and charisma to vigorously enable an all-hands-on-deck frivolity that happens every time he steps onto a stage. Adding to the festivities, each member of the cast will have a New Year’s dish named after their personae, including Big Dave’s deluxe, Pippin’s havarti party, Steve’s smooth soiree, Emily’s exuberant entrée, Barry’s Bohemian brilliance and Khalima’s kreme de la crème. The carnival of fevered fun begins at 9:30 p.m. Free.

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