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The Goya, A Breathtaking Venue

October 6, 2010 — 2:51 p.m.


On Tuesday evening Mixology Magazine threw its annual bar awards show at The Goya, a nonpareil event space located in the Schoneberg district of Berlin. The Goya is simply rediculous in its grandeur. It contained four floors all interconnected by spiral staircases. Five bars were spread throughout and a giant stage and ball room sat directly in the middle on the second floor and was viewable from almost every angle and level. My words fail to do this place justice so I snapped a few pics to give you an idea (Below).

As for the awards show itself? Spectacular. Imagine the Oscars, only with a lot of free booze and everyone going apeshit the whole time. A giant screen behind the stage with nominee names, winners, and live video of the bar competitions held that evening kept me somewhat in the loop as to what was happening, as most of the presentation was in German and thus completely incomprehensible to me.

For the most part I spent the evening bouncing from floor to floor and bar to bar sipping on free cocktails. Paloma Margaraitas, Gin, Cuban Mojitos (my mojito making skills stateside are now unrivaled), Makers Manhattans, etc. I knew about 6 people out of the 1000 there, so drinking heavily was my only option. The aforementioned BCB Eye Candy Elayne chilled with me as we sipped on tequila at some point, so I wasn't the quiet American guy the entire time.




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