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The Front Door


She swore she'd never open this box again. But her husband had finally retrieved it from the basement after much nagging, and it sat there in the foyer. Each morning after cooking eggs she'd pass by, averting her eyes.

But when she brushed her teeth it called out to her, a horrible allusion to Edgar Allan Poe's diabolical creation. This was no telltale heart. It was worse. There was plastic in that box. Horrible, prickly, green plastic shards of fakeness.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

The layer of dust on top of the box sat there for another season. She would not open it this year. There would be no fake garlands in her house.

Item N§ 01

Wreath-making class.

Specs: Maymont's Stone Barn, Nov. 27-29. Create two original wreaths. Let Maymont keep one and take the other home. Register by Nov. 27.

Price: $22-$25.

Not included: Clippers. Bring your own.

To order: Times vary. Call 358-7166.

Item N§ 02

Lewis Ginter's Great

Holiday Greens Sale.

Specs: Dec. 1, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Magnolia, hollies, red- and yellow-twig dogwood, berried evergreens and more. Sales benefit the education department's programs.

Price: Free.

To order: 262-9887, or www.lewisginter.org.

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