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The Favor of a Reply

Ahh, but these are modern times. And they call for modern ways. Welcome the reply card. These days reply cards are the most common way for a potential guest to let you know that they will - or will not - be attending this most special day. Simple and to the point, the card requests their response by a certain date by stating "Please reply by December second" or "The favor of a reply is requested by December second." To make it practically foolproof, use the following set up so that your guests can simply fill in the blanks:

M ______________________

Will Attend ___________

If you need specific information from your guests - for example will they be having the fish or the chicken - you can add additional items for their attention

Chicken ________________

Meat ___________________

Fish ___________________

Vegetarian _____________

If you want to stick slightly closer to days of old, you could include a reply card that asks for a response by a certain day, but leaves the rest blank for more creative replies from your guests.

In order to make it convenient for your guests to reply quickly, be sure the reply envelope is addressed to the host and

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