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The Curtain (Finally) Rises

After eight years, $73.4 million and plenty of politics, arts groups are about to get a new boost at an old stomping ground.



Return Address
The intersection of culture, architecture and history.
by Edwin Slipek Jr.

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at CenterStage
Four months before the Sept 12 grand opening of Richmond CenterStage, the project's lead archiect, Bruce Herrmann of Wilson Butler Architects, gives Style a guided tour.
Produced and edited by Jason Roop

Exit Stage Right
The long road to CenterStage's opening was filled with politics, economic pressures, public money and a last-minute detour.
by Scott Bass

Producing a Megamix
The opening shows of CenterStage pull together more than 225 cast members,
40 production staffers and one very tight turnaround.
by Jason Roop

Dinner and a Show
Dining spots within a walkable radius of CenterStage help you make a night of it.
by Deveron timberlake

Ear for Design
Acoustics at the new CenterStage promise to be more bright and clear. But the true test will come with an audience.
by Clarke Bustard

Goodbye to the Olde
Richmond Shakespeare gets tricked out at the Gottwald Playhouse.
by Mary Burruss

The Show Goes On
Four years since his ouster,
the Carpenter Center's 10-year executive director, a former foundation vice
president, looks to the future of CenterStage.
by Don Harrison

History Untold
Richmond CenterStage's suggested and demanded changes to my book seemed dictated by a need to falsify history to meet image-polishing, fundraising and other agendas.
by Roy Proctor

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