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"The Crocodile Hunter: Big Croc Diaries"

A Real Croc


Meet Monty, Agro, Charlie, Acco and Murray.

Just don't get too close to them.

They're crocodiles.

For those of you who've always had trouble telling the difference, crocodiles do differ from alligators. The latter have a broader, shorter snout — which means, I suppose, that you'd have to have one of each side by side to really know which is which.

Perhaps that's one of the nuggets you'll glean from "The Crocodile Hunter: Big Croc Diaries."

Host Steve Irwin will introduce you to Monty and the four other crocs, all five of whom he calls his favorites.

For two years now, cameras have followed Irwin as he roamed the Australia Zoo, filming his encounters with some of the zoo's fiercest inhabitants. In "Big Croc Diaries," he'll invite you to get to know each reptile's personality. Flashbacks will show how each one of these animals that our ancestors taught us to fear came to the zoo.

And just so the tension doesn't send you over the edge, the broadcast will also feature koalas, camels, Tasmanian devils, dingoes and a reticulated python.

"The Crocodile Hunter: Big Croc Diaries" will be broadcast Monday, May 21, at 8 p.m. on NBC-TV.

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