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The Congress at the Camel

When the Congress' Jonathan Meadows belts out the lines, “I'm going home / away from / the place where I was born” on “Loretta,” the first track off the Denver-based band's eponymous debut EP, it doesn't take much imagination to realize he's speaking from personal experience. Having spent years as a Richmond native playing local gigs, Meadows was encouraged by longtime friend and guitarist Scott Lane to move to Colorado for a fresh start with the area's music scene. Filling out a lineup with bassist Dwight Thompson and drummer Damon Scott, the Congress has since landed all kinds of critical praise across the state with its soulful mix of Southern R&B and rock 'n' roll. Regularly drawing from his hometown for lyrical inspiration and tonal sound, Meadows and the Congress are scheduled to make a much-anticipated performance at the Camel on Friday, Feb. 4, at 9 p.m. $8-$10. 353-4901. — Mike

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