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The "Best Of" Richmond 2022 Voting Now Underway

It's your time to vote in our annual readers’ poll of the best in Richmond!


For 51 weeks, our tiny editorial staff decides what Style Weekly is going to cover, but for this one week of the year, we leave it all up to you, dear readers. This is your chance to pick your "Best Of" favorites from a host of different categories.

Think of this "Best Of" feature as an introduction of sorts to Richmond for someone who may not know the city as well as you do. You're helping them learn about the best of the best in the categories of food, people and places, nightlife, arts and culture, and goods and services.

Also, a couple of things we ask: Please check the spelling of your winner before you write it in — if we can't find it or figure out what you mean, the vote won't count. Google is your friend. This year, you can also vote by individual category so you don't have to wade through the entire contest all at once. But please, take your vote seriously and vote in as many categories as possible so that we have a strong list of winners. Also feel free to share with your friends or other local businesses. The more votes the better.

Editor's note: Voting will end at the end of the business day on Friday, July 15. So don't wait too late!

"Best Of" Richmond 2022 Categories

Click on a category to start voting.

Food & Dining Nightlife People & Places Arts & Culture Goods & Services