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The Ballet don't Sugarcoat

Richmond Ballet's “Cinderella.”


Thanks to the hard work of early Disney animation, most children have no idea just how twisted and dark fairy tales were back in the day of the brothers Grimm. Take Cinderella. In the original version it wasn't all pumpkin carriages and helpful godmothers. Let's just say those stepsisters were willing to do whatever it took to get their feet in that slipper. Fortunately for PG-rated purists, audiences will get to witness a much different use of one's toes come Feb. 13. The Richmond Ballet presents the original rags-to-riches story of “Cinderella,” featuring stunning visuals, choreography and a supporting orchestral score. And the happily ever after. That's in there too. The ballet performs the fairy tale three times at the Landmark Theater through Feb. 15. Tickets are $40-$70. Call 262-8003 or visit — Mike Hilleary

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