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The 2017 Richmond Power List

Who has it, how they use it and how it affects the city.

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Power — it’s a tricky word these days. When we here at Style try to define it, we think about who might shape the policies and culture that affect us on the day-to-day level — the people, in other words, who drive change in our city.

Our criteria hadn’t changed much over the years. As we have in the past, we ask several questions: Who can lead and persuade — and who has the social resources — to make things happen? Who are the economic powerhouses, the political change-makers and culture leaders who affect the direction of the city? Our hope for the list is that it’s also a way for us to predict where Richmond is headed in the future.

The 2017 Richmond Power List: Politics

The 2017 Richmond Power List: Economy

The 2017 Richmond Power List: Arts & Culture

The 2017 Richmond Power List: Food & Drink