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The 2013 Fall Arts Preview

Richmond Arts Uncovered: Inside the artist's closet, around the silver screen, behind Gwar's latex and into the actor's bag of tricks.


Appearances can fool you.

The fall brings a new coat of color. Leaves turn. The air gets that little bite. And the clothes we pick out start reflecting the change in the breeze.

Like the seasons, our outward appearances also reflect our inner selves. What we present to the world can reveal, hide or alter perspectives.

One of the highlights of the fall arts season in Richmond is a major retrospective of classic Hollywood costumes at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the only showing on the East Coast. And however you feel about our celebrity-obsessed culture, the truth is that we all wear daily costumes — some through small details, others with big, flaming, loud ones.

That's the concept we explore in this issue, through some of the people and exhibitions that are shaping the season ahead. What inspires our artists' everyday uniforms, as well as professional costume-makers and wearers? We talk to local artists, an Emmy-nominated Church Hill costume designer, and one of our area's finest character actors about what it all means. Do we control our veneers or do they control us?

Or do we really just miss wearing that one comfy sweater in fall? — Brent Baldwin


2013 Fall Arts Features

Uncovering the Stars
Exploring place, time and cultural change, the VMFA scores the only East Coast appearance of "Hollywood Costume."

Costume Queen
From John F. Kennedy to Louis C.K., Emmy winner and Richmonder Amy Andrews Harrell strives for authenticity.

A Hot Mess Halloween
All the Saints Theater Company marks its eighth annual Halloween parade.

Everyday Uniforms
They express themselves through art. But here's what some of Richmond's most creative people are wearing.

The Great Pretender
Richmond's most accomplished character actor shows up rain or shine.

The Gwarchive
Richmond's infamous metal band prepares for its 30th anniversary with a detailed retrospective.

Space Is the Place
Modlin Center Director Deborah Sommers has a quest for the perfect local theater spaces.

Raising the Baton
While contract negotiations continue at the Richmond Symphony, the beat goes on.

Leaps and Bounds
Richmond Ballet celebrates three decades while the dance scene continues to grow.

Reader Revlry
Some literary highlights of the season bring the writers to you.

These five fall arts calendar picks span the genres.

Scene Change
Five good bets for fall stages.

Mark it, Donny
Some of the fall season's most anticipated concerts.

This Friday
Your weekend (and occasional Wednesday) fall film schedule till winter.

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