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The 2010 Holiday Almanac


Checking Them Twice

Like the holiday decorations popping up at Wal-Mart, this is the time of year when lists start to take over our lives — lists of gifts to be given and desired, lists of people deserving thank-you notes and family newsletters, lists of party guests and where to seat them (note: Don't sit Aunt Martha next to MeMaw this year — it's always a disaster).

And so, we submit to the lists in this tinsel-y edition of Style Weekly's annual Holiday Almanac. You'll find compilations of things to do, see, buy and think about. And you'll find lists of what can get you in the spirit of the season. Yule be amazed at what goes on around here.

With its extensive calendar of events, the Almanac is also your one-stop shop for information on Santa's whereabouts, local traditions, light displays, elf-approved food and drink, trendy gift giving, seasonal movies, plays and music … everything but a partridge in a pear tree. — Don Harrison





 4 Places to See the Light

3 Opportunities for Family Togetherness

4 Places to See Santa

4 Ways to Appreciate Christmas Past

3 Holiday Traditions

Jack Lauterback's Frost-Melting Refreshments

2 Irreverent Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

3 Places to Enjoy Scrooge

10 Poor Conversation Starters at the Company Christmas Party

Don Harrison's 12 Discs of Christmas

6 Places to Soak Up the Classics

6 Places to Shop When Target Won't Do

Richmond's 5 Least Favorite Gifts

4 Stocking Stuffers

5 Under-the-Radar Christmas Movie Rentals

5 Places to Hear Holiday Sounds of a Different Sort

5 Christmas Specials You May or May Not See on TV

2 Most Likely Places to Spot a Camel

3 Ways to Make the Most of Big Christmas Sweaters

3 Places to Ring in 2011


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