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The 1-2-3 Loss: Please, No Allen


In my humble opinion, the Democrats' fall (“Out of the Blue,” Cover Story, Nov. 11) can be tied to three things:

1. They should have unified behind one strong candidate in the primaries (like the Republicans did) instead of the bloodletting they had.

2. Head of the Democratic National Committee is a full-time job in a good year, without shrinking taxes and massive job losses. Gov. Tim Kaine already had one. Someone else should have been picked as chairman of the committee (or Kaine should have just said no).

3. As the “Misaligned” article noted, state Sen. Creigh Deeds ran a lackluster campaign in which he didn't adequately tell us what he was for other than support for higher education. It was all about the Bob McDonnell graduate thesis. It wasn't enough. See item No. 2 again.

OK, Republicans won one or, err, let's say a few. However, they should really rethink something they seem to be considering. I'd suggest they not dust off and trot out George Allen. Some of us have long memories.

La Fawn Davis

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