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The Low Branches, "Rain Song"


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Folk group the Low Branches released its last album, "One Hundred Years Old," almost a year ago to the day. Now members are working on new songs for a possible follow-up. One of them is "Rain Song." Recorded and mixed by Allen Bergendahl of Viking Recording in November, it features the Low Branches' line-up of Matt Klimas (lead guitar and percussion), Josh Quarles (bass), Christina Gleixner (vocals and guitar), and guest Adam Tsai on the horns. It will be available as a digital release Jan. 7, so Style Weekly asked lead singer Christina Gleixner about that one song.

Style: Tell us about "Rain Song."

Gleixner: The song is a timeless story told from the eyes of the protagonist that expresses the irrepressible nature of falling in love. I wrote this song last winter, and I felt a connection to it immediately. I recognized the potential as a recording, but also the feelings that stirred inside of me when I sang it.

What was the process like writing the song?

As most of my songs do, "Rain Song" started as a feeling — a personal experience. I turn feelings into poems, then I turn poems into lyrics. I think it's important as a songwriter that you feel a strong movement inside your gut when you sing your own songs. That's when you know you've got a good one. You hope that other people feel that too — and that you're able to offer the listener something that is relatable and special.

You've been playing this song at shows for a while now. What took so long for a recorded version?

We held onto the song for a year and played it live as a band until we were able to approach it as a recorded piece. I definitely had an expectation for this song, and envisioned that the instrumentation would reflect the concept of the lyrics. It was very exciting in the studio to watch the band grasp the heart of the song and bring it to life. They are all such thoughtful musicians.

What's next after "Rain Song"?

In the coming months, a Turkish translation of the song titled "Yağmur Şarkı," will be recorded as a B-side with a different musical arrangement. We will perform both the original and Turkish translation live on WRIR 97.3 on Sunday, Jan. 12, from 7-9 p.m. during "If Music Could Talk" with DJ Carlito. S

The Low Branches will release "Rain Song" with a performance at Gallery5 on Sunday, Jan. 19, at 7 p.m., with Jonathan Vassar and Rodney "the Soul Singer" Stith.



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