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That One Night

Where you are, what you're drinking: a crawl across Richmond.



Thursday, June 3

9:23 p.m.
Janet Owen

What are you drinking? Coors Light.
Smoking? Marlboro Lights.
Why do you like it here? Because I love to do karaoke. I'm going to be singing … “Break Down Here” by Julie Roberts.
What brought you here? Because I'm not working. I have a karaoke business myself, and instead of running it, I came out to do it.





Bar Louie Tavern & Grill
Taylor Randler

What do you like about Bar Louie? The staff. The location.
Why are you here? I know a lot of the people that work here, and it's one night off of work, so I figured I'd come out here and have a drink or two.
What did you just drink? It was an Orange Crush. It was delicious.






Beach House
Brittany Gary

Drinking? Bud Light draft.
What brought you here? We come here every week on Thursday — because of the happy-hour specials. This was $2.
What do you like besides the happy-hour specials? We have a waitress that we usually like to frequent, and she's here every Thursday. Here name's Casey, really awesome.





Dot's Back Inn
Scott Lewis

Drinking? Legend Brown Ale.
What brought you here? I live on the other side of Lakeside, and this place is convenient, and I know its hours. And the name is always in the back of my head because one of the girls who works here regularly, her parents are my next-door neighbors. I'm not a regular, but I could very easily potentially be a regular.
What do you like about Dot's? Well there you go [points to bartender]. I haven't been formally introduced to my bartender, but she's very lovely, and very accommodating, and my glass has yet to run dry.



Kirk Hunter

Drinking? Blue Moon.
What did you just throw back? SoCo chilled.
What brings you to Buddy's? I always come here. Because all my friends are here, and everyone knows me here.
Celebrating anything special? No. Doing a night out after work, and going to bed soon.





Katie Dorn

Drinking tonight? Rum and diet.
Is that your typical drink? That or a sugar-free Red Bull and vodka.
Why do you come here? I like it here. I come here every night. My favorite bar in Richmond. My friends are here, and it's '80s night.






Shafonte Hunt

What brought you here tonight? I just got back home from AIT training, so I came back home to go to the club.
What's AIT training? Military, for the National Guard.
Why do you like it here? It's clean, and it's nice. I like the drinks, I like the bar and I like the music.
And what have you been drinking tonight? Hpnotiq and Long Island iced tea.





The Tobacco Company Club
Ibrahim Imj

So what brought you here? Just chilling with my friends, having fun — that's it.
What was your drink of choice tonight? Red Bulls.
What do you like about Tobacco Company? You can smoke inside. And I enjoy the happy hour, I go out with my friends there.






1:04 a.m. [Last call]
Stool Pigeons
Greg Peterson

What are you drinking? Newcastle.
Has that been the drink of choice all night? Yes, definitely — and lots of shots.
Any specific shots? Whatever Jodi creates.
What brought you here? I'm actually friends with Jodi, the bartender.
And what do you like about the place besides Jodi? I like Monica too [laughs]. [Monica, laughing: “Oh, that was nice.”] It's a good place to watch the NBA finals, sports, stuff like that. I had a good time down here.
Where are you going now? I am going to Cha Cha's.

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