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Thanks from Lemaire; Katzen Reveals Narrow-Minded Views; Katzen's Comments Are Trash; Aquamassage Was Unfairly Treated


Thanks from Lemaire

As longtime readers, fans and advertisers in Style Weekly, we are very pleased with the wonderful article about Lemaire Restaurant in the July 17 issue ("Let's Eat," cover story).

Please extend a thank-you to Noel Patrick for the article. We are certainly appreciative of the exposure afforded Lemaire through your wonderful magazine. Thank you again for the kind words.

We do have one correction. Lemaire's entrees are priced from $30-$37, not $36-$50 as stated in the article.

Kenneth Beachley, Lemaire manager

Walter E. Bundy III, Lemaire executive chef

Katzen Reveals Narrow-Minded Views

I am stunned ... literally speechless. This is the year 2001, right? I cannot believe that Republican lieutenant-governor candidate Jay Katzen is ignorant enough to state that "we recognize that homosexuality is a choice" of which "AIDS is the product" ["With This Ring," July 31].

First of all, who is this universal "we" he is referring to? All Virginians? All Republicans? I only hope he means other misinformed, narrow-minded people, and is not trying to assign his views to others in this state. Secondly, has this man been living in a hole for the past 20 years? Not since the 1980s have I heard homosexuals blamed for the spread of AIDS — "it's a lifestyle with public-health consequences"? Children in elementary school are better informed than Mr. Katzen.

And the belief that homosexuality is somehow a person's choosing has few supporters nowadays. As if homosexuals enjoy having limited rights, threats against their life, and, according to Mr. Katzen, the burden for the cause and spread of AIDS. Why would anyone want to be straight with those kinds of perks with homosexuality?

Virginia may be a conservative state, but I certainly hope we are not an ignorant one and elect this man to be our lieutenant governor.

Gillian Y. Anderson

Katzen's Comments Are Trash

I am horrified to learn of Mr. Katzen's uneducated comments quoted in your July 31 article. Virginia is a conservative state by history; but I cannot sit by and accept that people in Richmond are reading this uneducated, misinformed, homophobic trash.

AIDS is present in all parts of the world and all kinds of people. It does not discriminate, nor is it a result of a choice made. Though homosexuality is certainly no choice at all — to say homosexuals have a choice over who they are attracted to would mean that heterosexuals must have that same choice.

Making public statements that being gay is somehow a choice only adds to our increasing suicide rate of gay adolescents and helps perpetuate increasing numbers of hate crimes on innocent gay community members. It spreads hatred. Did you ever think that perhaps AIDS is a test of love from God? If it is a test, Mr. Katzen, you have failed miserably.

The gay-friendly vote is a powerful one, Mr. Katzen, even here in Virginia. You may not see our numbers in Richmond alone, but if our community were to truly come together from Northern Virginia, Roanoke and Norfolk, you would see our multitude. I wish you well in your life, but I pray (to the same God, incidentally) that you will never represent our commonwealth.

B. Boyce

Aquamassage Was Unfairly Treated

It is apparent that you came to Chesterfield Towne Center with all intent to present a negative account of the Aquamassage to your readers. It is obvious you didn't do your research on the Aquamassage machine. Nor did you solicit the opinions and reactions of the many satisfied customers who have thoroughly enjoyed Aquamassage.

The Aquamassage machine is used in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, malls, spas, training and conditioning camps for professional athletes, etc. Furthermore, the machine can be found in over 100 of the greatest malls in the United States and is featured in over 49 countries worldwide. The Aquamassage machine is a revolutionary way to receive a full body massage without getting wet or undressed, which makes it ideal for mall use.

The Aquamassage operator and other mall employees all said [the writer, Jason Roop,] spent 15 minutes raving about how great the massage felt. That is why they couldn't believe that you could have written such a negative and unprofessional article.

Your motive for bashing the Aquamassage machine is unclear to me. However, one thing is clear; your article will discourage potentially new customers from trying the Aquamassage machine.

I, the owner of Aquamassage, am very angry and hurt by such a poorly written article that fails to express the many benefits of getting an Aquamassage, as well as the opinions of other users.

Ke' Finch

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